Our Mission

Veho Genie is made up of a hardworking team who are passionate about our unique software and the benefits it could have for your business.

When we’re not working hard, we’re playing harder! Hover over the pictures below to see what we’re doing outside of office hours.

Company Background

Veho Genie was developed by Veho Solutions, a company providing professional drivers to individuals and events.

With a team of over 200 subcontractors, Veho Solutions was finding it increasingly difficult to manage admin, paperwork and logistics while trying to grow its business.

Veho knew that a software solution was the only way to achieve its goals and with no product out there fitting the needs of Veho – Veho Genie was created.

Since its creation, Veho Genie has allowed Veho Solutions to become more organised, saving on the amount of time spent on admin and logistics. Veho Solution’s service to customers is now more efficient and professional, supporting Veho on events such as the London 2012 Olympic Games, 2014 Ryder Cup, 2015 & 2016 Open Championship, as well as The ATP World Tour Finals for the past 7 Years.

Veho Solutions are hugely excited to make Veho Genie available to all companies who share the goal of growing their business and increasing profitability. Other companies can now benefit from this flexible, user-friendly technology that has massively expanded and improved the services offered by Veho Solutions.

Meet the Team

Rachel Rice

Managing Director

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Rachel Rice was the first to let the Genie out of the bottle, realising that Veho Solutions needed a software solution and working tirelessly to design Veho Genie.

Rachel has a hands-on approach to demonstrating Veho Genie and is passionate in helping customers grow their business through the improved efficiency provided by the software.

Before her days with Veho, Rachel was an Ambulance Technician, so she understands the daily stresses and strains on this industry.

In her spare time, Rachel loves taking her two dogs on countryside walks.

Tom Bowen

Marketing Director

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Tom has used Veho Genie on many transport events for Veho Solutions, and for other companies looking to improve the effectiveness of their event. Tom also works closely with websites and adverts, so perhaps his good work is the reason you arrived at our website today.

In his spare time, you will usually find Tom on the golf course!

Josh Hall

Veho Solutions Sales Manager

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Josh is the Sales Manager at Veho Genies’ sister company, Veho Solutions.

While working for Veho Solutions, Josh uses Veho Genie on a daily basis. This could be in the form of checking driver licences and qualifications before sending them to clients, to accepting invoices and timesheet received by the driving team.

Most importantly, Veho Genie allows Josh to be as efficient as possible with his admin so that he can use his valuable time on building relationships with clients and generating sales.

In his spare time, Josh likes to hit the badminton court!


Alan Savery

Sales Consultant

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Alan brings over 27 years of sales experience to Veho Genie. He uses this experience to help our team demonstrate the value of Veho Genie to potential customers.

In his spare time, Alan enjoys playing a round of golf.

Kate McLeod

Office Administrator

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Kate joined Veho Genie from a background in financial services and customer support where she developed the administrative skills required of an Office Administrator.

Kate works closely with our sales team, assisting new and current customers through set up and implementation. Kate also manages a variety of administrative tasks such as paying suppliers and invoicing clients.

Outside of work, Kate is a basketball fanatic and manages the Under 16 Bucks Hornets Basketball team. Kate enjoys supporting her two sons at their basketball matches, or baking with her daughter.