How Veho Genie Changed The Journey of a Luxury Transport and Logistics Provider

Veho Genie is used on a daily basis by a transport and logistics company who provide high-end chauffeurs for some of the UK’s leading events. This particular company was looking to improve its admin and efficiency in 3 key areas: online document storage, sending out working opportunities and information, and invoicing.

Issues keeping on top of staff documents and checking they are eligible to work in the UK.

In the chauffeur industry, it is particularly important to make sure that staff have a valid driving licence and signed import documents such as NDA’s and confidentiality agreements. Previously, staff signed these and then posted them to the office, for them to be stored in a safe, or uploaded to a Microsoft Office folder.

Using Veho Genie, these could be downloaded by staff, printed, signed and then uploaded to their own profile. This significantly reduces the time taken by administrators who now just have to accept uploaded documents. These documents are now stored in a GDPR complaint cloud-based system.

Too much time spent on chasing up staff to see if they are available to work

When drivers are required for events, sometimes as many as 200, the company would send out an email and wait for responses. These would then be updated on to a spreadsheet, but there is no clear way to understand who had seen the message. This spreadsheet was also not able to be edited at different locations, so was often out of date if information changed.

On Veho Genie, staff would receive a notification with the full details and can apply to the “project” on the site. This list can be seen by administrators and managers on any internet enabled device.

Unsure as to whether staff had read vital, pre-event documents

In the run-up to an event, there are vital documents such as route maps, and briefing notes, that need to be read by all staff. Previously these were sent out on a variety of emails and there was no up to date way to track who had read the documents. On Veho Genie, these documents are attached to each event, and staff must click to say they have read them. Administrators can easily see who has read the documents, and at what time.

Unable to confirm if all staff had received their start times for each shift, and last-minute changes/updates became impossible to confirm.

Previously each member of staff was sent out their specific job details in the form of an email. If there were last minute changes, such as an earlier start time, or a different meeting location, this had to be communicated to all staff individually by another email, and there was almost no way to confirm that they had receive this information.

Often managers would have to call round staff individually and tick them off a list to confirm they had their job details.

Veho Genie sends out job start times, locations and end times in the form of an “assignment” and staff receive these details by text and must reply with a code to confirm they have received them. Administrators then watch as jobs turn from orange to green on their screen to show they have been accepted.

If the start time needs to be changed, this can be done within the assignment, the staff will receive a new text, and they will have to respond with a new code to confirm they have received the change and turn the assignment from orange to green.

Invoicing and timesheet entry

One of the most time-consuming processes of the event was staff sending in their invoices and timesheets. Staff would email these, but many would include calculation mistakes and errors. These would then be entered into a Microsoft access database which would often take around 2 minutes per invoice. For events with over 200 staff, this was a very long process.

Staff now enter their invoice into the field on Veho Genie, so that calculation errors will not occur. They can also attach expense receipts for claimable expenses such as fuel, parking and car washing. There is no double data entry by managers, who simply accept the invoice at the end.

Paying roll was taking too long to run

Once staff have had their invoices accepted for an event, their amount owed is moved to the “invoices to be paid” area of Veho Genie. This is where members of the management team can clearly see who is owed what, and when it is due. There is also a clear view of the staff bank details, and this page can be easily exported to a spreadsheet to be handed to the payroll team. This one page view of payroll saved the management team having to open a number of documents and spreadsheets to run something as simple as payroll.