Moving to Veho Genie was a successful Event for this bar staffing agency

Veho Genie was approached by an event and bar staffing agency based in the South East of England. This particular company were looking for a more effective way to manage their pool of self-employed staff.

Why Veho Genie

This company was faced with a number of challenges as they increased the number of staff they had on their books as well as the number of events they were working on.

Issues keeping on top of staff documents and checking that they were eligible to work in the UK.

In this particular industry, there are often members of staff who need to prove that they have the right to work in the UK. A company employing staff who do not have the right to work can face huge fines.

Veho Genie allowed this company to store documents such as proof to work on the staff’s profiles and clearly see who is eligible to work before selecting them on a particular assignment.

Too much time spent on chasing up staff to see if they are available to work

This company was spending too much time individually emailing and calling staff to confirm if they were available to work. This then required a spreadsheet to be created which was not always correctly updated.

Veho Genie allows staff to log in and see what work is available and simply click apply if they are available. As Veho Genie is a cloud-based system that can be accessed on any internet enabled device it has now become easy for admins to see the full staff available list.

Unsure as to whether staff had read vital, pre-event documents

 This company previously emailed out vital event specific documents such as uniform policies, briefing notes and sitemaps. Staff were then instructed to respond to the email to say they had read the documents and this was again updated on an excel spreadsheet that was not always kept up to date.

Veho Genie allows documents to be uploaded to events so that staff can view and download them from within Veho Genie. They can then print, sign and upload them if required. However, there is the more convenient option for staff to “click to say you have read this document”, which then time stamps the document and makes it clear to administrators who has and hasn’t read the documents.

Unable to confirm if all staff had received their start times for each shift, and any last-minute changes/updates became impossible to confirm.

Previously each member of staff was sent out their specific shift details in the form of an email. The staff then had to respond with an email to confirm they had received the start time which was noted down on an excel spreadsheet by the administrators. If there were last-minute changes, such as an earlier start time, or a different meeting location, this had to be communicated to all staff individually by email, and there was almost no way to confirm that they had received this new information. This then required numerous hours to be spent calling round all staff.

Veho Genie sends out shift start times, locations and end times in the form of an “assignment” and staff receive these details by text, and within their Veho Genie profile. They then accept the details by replying to the automated code at the bottom of the next. From an administrator point of view, the assignment colour changes from orange to green as it is accepted. If the start time needs to be changed, this can be done within the assignment, the staff will receive a new text, and they will have to respond with a new code to confirm they have received the change and turn the assignment from orange to green.

Invoicing and timesheet entry

One of the most time-consuming processes for this particular company was the requirement for staff to invoice the event company for the time worked on a particular event. Previously staff would be emailed across a template spreadsheet which needed to be filled out and then would be manually entered by the administration team.

This process was very time consuming and often involved invoices being rejected as they were not entered in the correct format, even if the information included was correct.

Veho Genie allows staff to fill out their timesheet online, with boxes to select start and finish times which then automatically calculates the total hours and multiples it by the pay rate without any admin interaction required. Staff can also add expense receipts to this area such as per diems, and travel allowances. This is a clear process of drop-down lists, rather than a complicated spreadsheet template.

Paying roll was taking too long to run

 For this particular company it took a very long time to pay all staff, and even to find out who was owed what and what their particular bank details were. This would involve even more spreadsheets and a laborious process of cross-checking multiple documents.

Veho Genie has a clear “payments due” tab where it is obvious how much members of staff are owed, and their bank details from their profile which is all listed in one clear view. This view can also easily be exported to excel so that if required this could be given to payroll/bookkeeping staff to easily work their way down one list. For some banks, this list can be imported directly into their system and pay staff automatically.