How Veho Genie secured the admin processes for a Security and Man Guarding Agency

Veho Genie was approached by a security company that provides staff for some of the biggest festivals in the country, as well as door and residential security at football matches, shops, nightclubs and private residences. This company had a requirement for a system that would allow them to spend less time on administration.

The company told the Veho Genie team that prior to, during and after events the administrators were overloaded with admin. They would spend weeks chasing up the availability of staff, now using Veho Genie staff log in and apply for roles and events. There is no longer a need for the company to email out briefing notes, uniform polices and start times, then spend days chasing up individuals to confirm that they had read these documents. On Veho Genie, staff view all documents online and click to show they have read the documents. The administrator can easily check that all documents have been read.

Assignment details, such as start times and locations, are sent out by automated text message, contractors must reply with the code given to confirm that they have understood their details. The individual assignments will automatically turn from orange to green on the administrator’s page as users reply with the code.

Time spent invoicing has now dramatically reduced, on Veho Genie staff enter their hours and expenses themselves, and administrators just have to check it. This company told us that Veho Genie has stopped them from dreading events due to the admin that was involved, the system has made their admin much more efficient, and streamlined.