Event Staff Software

Veho Genie’s event staff software is particularly popular with event catering, hospitality and promotional staffing agencies. These companies are benefiting from using a system which combines staff scheduling, profile management, and timesheet software.

10 Reasons why these companies chose Veho Genie:


Can keep track of staff documents using staff on-boarding software.


Able to track who has read essential event documents such as uniform policies.


Event staff scheduling software sends out start times and locations.


Event staff upload their own timesheets and expenses.


Staffing payroll software allows event staff to be paid quickly and easily.


Team leaders can be given specific capabilities to view their team details.


Easy export of the event staff schedule.


Easy messaging feature to contact all staff and volunteers.


Very simple licence fee billing structure, no ‘charge per shift’ system.


Fully GDPR compliant.

Veho Genie is popular with event staff agencies because it is a UK based software company who know the exact strains of working on events. Customer support is 24/7 as the event industry never takes time off!

For a full feature list, please view our software for staff management page.

More details regarding our work in this sector can be found in the our customer stories area.