About Veho Genie

Veho Genie is a cloud-based system that allows organisations to more effectively manage compliance, allocate work, pay staff, and communicate with their team. There are three, clear goals that Veho Genie looks to achieve


Provide a simple platform which put the onus on staff to update their information.


Combine the three pillars of running a contractor based company (compliances , allocation and invoicing) on on system.


Listen to our customers to develop feature which match their business needs.

Software features

Veho Genie in Action


About Veho Genie Plus

We have a wealth of experience in management systems and understand that every organisation, no matter how similar in structure and outlook, have different ways of working and very different requirements of a management system. Therefore, we have Veho Genie Plus.

This is a service by which we will use Veho Genie as a base or ‘building blocks’, and then develop either additional or alternative features on top of it to give you the exact system you require. This work can be done prior to going live as an ongoing development project where the standard version of Veho Genie is deployed initially and then the customisations are developed over time in accordance with available budget. Customers that have used Veho Genie in this way have been able to reduce the costs of bespoke system development by up to 80%.

Our developers are all UK based and have an understanding of the highly secure nature of information stored in our systems. Therefore, we will always ensure that all development work is compliant with security regulations and protocols, including GDPR.

We understand that having customised the software and invested in its development, our customers may prefer to own the licence outright rather than pay on the normal subscription basis, so we also offer a perpetual licence where we charge a one-off fee and provide the licence in perpetuity. In this instance, we still provide the secure UK based hosting of the system and complete 24/7 technical support.

Frequent Questions

1Do I need any new hardware or servers in house?

No, Veho Genie is completely cloud-based and can be accessed from any internet enabled device. Simply type in your URL into any web browser and you will be able to log on.

2Does it work on any platform?

Yes, Veho Genie can be accessed on Windows or Mac, and on any smart phone with access to the internet.

3Is there a limit to the number of users?

No there is no upper limit. Your monthly licence fee will be based on your current level of users, and then there will be nominal increased for every 100 more active users you add to the site.

4Can you have multiple admins?

Absolutely, for each account there can be an unlimited number of system admins and basic users, as well as one system manager who has full capabilities.

You can also set up “custom users” these sit somewhere between admins and basic users. You can select from any capabilities to allow custom users access to specific parts of the site. Some Veho Genie customers use this to allow clients to log on and add bookings, shifts or to allow their accountant to view payroll information.

5I already have an invoicing system, can I still use Veho Genie?

Yes, there are several customers who use Veho Genie alongside a more specialised accounting software. Veho Genie allows users to upload their hours, expenses and timesheets rather than admins having to enter it themselves. These details are then approved by administrators. This full list can then easily be exported as a CSV (fancy Excel) spreadsheet, an imported into invoicing/accounting software.

6Is it an app?

At this point in time Veho Genie does not come as an app. The reason for this is because so many of our clients work in remote locations or areas where Wi-Fi/internet service is not available. Veho Genie can be accessed through web browsers which require less internet to function than apps, using text message notifications instead. Apps also require staff to set up their notifications and location settings to perfection, and make sure that all users have smart phones with the most recent version of IOS/android software downloaded.

7How much do text messages cost?

Text message notifications cost a very minimal amount. Basic users do not pay for these texts and the charge is passed on to the administrators. On set up of Veho Genie, we will include an estimated fair use policy within your monthly licence fee, so you will not be charged on a per text basis. We will view your monthly text quantities and if it is someway outside of the fair use numbers, we will review the monthly licence fee accordingly.

8Is it GDPR compliant?

Veho Genie is fully GDPR compliant. We offer a secure portal for storing staff information and documentation. On set up, we can also provide generic or bespoke privacy policies which inform users of how you are storing their information and for what reason, in line with the GDPR legislation.

9How secure is it?

We are very confident in the secure nature of Veho Genie. Due to the requirements of many of our clients, especially those in the health and luxury transport sector, security is one of our biggest priorities. Veho Genie is IS27001 compliant and we have had the software penetration tested. This is where companies attempt to hack in to the site to test it’s security.

10Does it help me with my resourcing problems?

Absolutely. Veho Genie will allow you to update the site with new job and shift opportunities and watch as applicants flood in. You can then send specific shift details to the staff you assign and receive automated updates as they confirm they have read the details. You can see how Veho Genie achieves this during an online, or face to face demonstration.

11Where are the servers and developers based?

All servers and software developers are based in the UK.

12Can we customise and change the software?

Customers can make changes to the software as part of our Veho Genie Plus package. We know that all businesses operate differently, and Veho Genie Plus allows you to receive the ‘out of the box’ Veho Genie package on a monthly licence fee or by purchasing a perpetual licence. You can then work with our developers to plan and implement new features and functions to Veho Genie to adapt the software. We have Veho Genie customers who opted for Veho Genie Plus rather than creating their own software and have saved over £50,000 in development costs.

13Can I get a free demo?

We can provide an online demonstration to you or come and visit your offices. We will then give you access to your own demo account where you can set up information and work your way around the site. We can transfer all information from your demo account to your full account when required.

14I’m worried my users can't use it?

We have found that many customers feel this way, however, Veho Genie makes ease of use. The software has been used by users in a variety of different industries over the past decade and new updates continue to be tested by over 400 drivers on the Veho Solutions team. You will also have access to the written guides, as well as a full suite of YouTube user guides helping to break down key features in to 2-3-minute videos to help both basic users and administrators.

15How long does it take to set up?

To set up your account it takes 1-2 days at our end to put on all your company information together e.g. addresses, custom URL, logo.

From your end, set up depends on the type of package that you opt for. The site is ready to go the moment you receive access and we can also import all users so that they receive a welcome email all at once.

If interested, we can offer half day tutoring sessions on how to upload documents and other details you may need.

Finally, we can help you further by following up with your staff and encourage them to set up and update their profile when required.

Pricing structure & implementation options